Recycled Concrete and Asphalt Milling Delivery

Since 1972, Charles Bopst Trucking has delivered all sorts of materials to home and business owners in the Sykesville, MD area, including recycled/reclaimed concrete and asphalt milling materials. As a family owned business, we understand the importance of customer service, which is why we are always efficient in delivering the materials you need as soon as possible.

Reclaimed concrete material is often called crushed concrete and is typically comprised of mineral aggregates that are pieced together by paste. As such, it often comes from old sidewalks, curbs and building slabs. An affordable selection, recycled concrete aggregate is known for its superior performance and is used for general fill and as a sub or road base.

Meanwhile, asphalt millings are recycled form old asphalt and are used for all sorts of purposes, including on roads or driveways, as well as a sturdy base for paving purposes.

Recycled concrete and asphalt milling are not only great substrate options, they’re also environmentally friendly ones. Using recycled concrete and asphalt milling means less material in landfills, and they end up being used as valuable aggregates. It helps individuals and companies save money on projects, all while limiting our collective carbon footprints.

In addition to recycled concrete and asphalt milling, we deliver a litany of other materials, including but not limited to mulch, topsoil, sand and stone.

If you have any general or specific questions about our recycled concrete and asphalt milling delivery services in Carroll County, contact us at your convenience.